29 Jan  

Cremation Memorial Options

More and more people across faiths are choosing cremation as part of their funeral planning.  Cremation carries with it a long tradition and is a process that is performed in a respectful and dignified manner of the deceased.

While we don’t perform cremations on our premises, at the request of our families, we do offer the service through relationships with local crematories.,

If you’re considering cremation as part of your pre-planning or for a loved one’s funeral service, here is some information to help you decide if this is right for you.

Today’s cremation funerals can be religious in tone or informal celebrations, whatever best reflects the person being remembered to create a meaningful memorial service.

Choosing cremation provides many different options for putting a loved one to rest. You can select a complete funeral service with burial, opt for memorial service or just the cremation itself without any service at all.

Once the cremation has taken place, you also have a number of options for what to do with the cremated remains from burial or entombment, to holding on to them for safe keeping, to name a few. Burial or entombment however, will provide a place to go and honor the life of their deceased loved one.

Traditional Burial – This could include burying your loved one in a family plot. Many cemeteries offer small plots for urns, and it is a less expensive option than a larger burial site that fits a casket. Burying cremated ashes in a traditional burial plot gives family members a place to visit.

Entombment – A columbarium, or outdoor niche, is an aboveground structure that houses cremated remains. Many cemeteries have these on-site and can be composed of small niches that individually house an urn. Niches can have glass fronts to offer personalization around the urn for viewing or have bronze or granite fronts that allow for memorial plaques.

Scattering ashes – Your loved one’s remains are scattered freely outdoors within a dedicated space and during a formal or informal ceremony. Many services can also perform this option for you whether over water, land or even space.  Local laws may restrict where ashes can be scattered so be sure to check the laws in your area.

Private estates – Family estates that are defined by hedges or walls can be a desired location to allow for in-ground burial or aboveground interment of urns. These private areas can be unique memorial places customized with plaques or landscaping.

Cremation gardens – These beautifully landscaped areas can be a peaceful place to visit and honor a loved one. Created just for housing cremated remains, they can include fountains, waterways, benches and statues with many tribute options. This can be an ideal burial place if your family member loved nature and being outdoors.

Shared with family members – Cremated remains can be divided among family members in several urns. This is an ideal choice if your family is geographically spread out as it allows for everyone to have their own special place to honor your loved one.

As cremation services continue to grow in popularity, the options of how to memorialize your loved one’s ashes becomes an important decision for the family. If you’re looking for more information on cremation services, contact us to help you with pre-plan options.

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