Shiva, Flowers & Resources

Ben and Irvs Lenny Bromberg 215-355-2000
Food by Design Bruce or Jannette Axelrod 215-843-2292
Maggio’s Restaurant Michael Schoebert 215-322-7272
Manny’s Restaurant and Delicatessen Jeremy Thomas 215-355-0990
Pumpernicks Deli Jeff Klein 215-393-5800
Savona Arlene Rotfeld 610-520-1200
Schlesinger’s 215-735-7305
Stein’s Famous Deli Lee Stein 215-673-6000
The Porch at the Lamb 610-544-3300
Toscana 52 215-942-7770
West Avenue Grill Dan Katz 215-886-1540
Online Food Delivery
Challah Connection 866-242-5524
In Time of Need/Shiva Ladies Karen Cooke 267-226-0758
Hostess Helper Shari Meltzer 215-512-4182
Shiva Made Easy Deborah Cohen 215-783-6154
Flowers 610-520-1200
Always Flowers Lana Katzman 215- 355-0225
Axelrod Flowers Bruce or Jannette Axelrod 215-843-3904
Blake Florists & Decorators Phil 215-379-8787
Domenic Graziano Domenic 215-355-1550
Legal Counselors
Hoffmann Law Jeff Hoffman 215-690-5637
Jacobs Law Group Sam First 215-569-9701
Funeral Live Streaming
One Room Funeral Streaming Dave Lutterman 844-437-9475
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