Support after the funeral services

Understanding Grief

We try to help our bereaved understand the process that lies ahead, and to let them know that there is no typical way of dealing with their feelings. There are certain patterns of grief, and often people begin to feel better when they realize they are not alone. For anyone coping with the loss of a loved one, or looking for a better understanding of grief, the Library is an excellent source of materials. Our family can also send you a very informative brochure, “Through Caring, Renewal Begins.”


The Library encourages education about death through a variety of materials available. This education enables children and adults to understand how death is a part of life and how to deal with death in the immediate family as well as their extended family.

Grief Support

No one knows exactly how you feel. While we at Goldsteins’ are faced with grief and bereavement every day, our grief counseling experts know that each person deals with it in his or her own unique way. There are no right or wrong answers, but there is guidance that we can provide for you. We can show you resources that you may not even know exist, provide you with a list of grief support groups and point you in the right direction toward understanding your feelings.

We can also assist you in explaining the passing to a child or answer questions about concerns they may have about death in general and the process of overcoming grief.

Aftercare Support Information

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