Children & Funerals: Should your child go to a funeral?

Deciding whether your child should attend a funeral is ultimately up to you. It is important that you recognize that you know your child best, and that you should make the decision based on what your child can handle. Children like adults often have a need for closure, and while some children may be frightened by seeing their family members saddened by the death of a loved one, they may feel a need to attend anyway. Goldsteins’ funeral directors feel strongly that children should be allowed to help make the decision that is best for them. If they are looking for closure or aren’t sure what happens at a funeral, we can provide a comfortable environment where they can feel safe. If your child does decide to attend and at any time changes their mind, we will gladly take them back to the family room or the library at the Philadelphia chapel.


A wonderful place designed for children of all ages

  • Infants can play without disturbing the congregation as you listen to the service and watch your child.
  • Older children use the room to talk about the death and their grief. They also receive books and dvds to take with them to comfort them later.
  • Some children choose to write letters and draw pictures to express their feelings.
  • Some children will play until the service begins.

We do encourage the children to attend the funeral service, but they are welcome to stay in the Safe Room if they choose.

The room creates a place for children to feel safe. They are allowed to talk, read, draw or just play. What they will remember is that a funeral home isn’t a scary place. It’s a place where they can feel sad, think about loved ones and learn to understand and deal with their feelings.

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