Funeral Services

We have two beautifully adorned chapels, conveniently located in Philadelphia and Bucks County.


We offer Jewish funerals, with services from the three major beliefs of Judaism–orthodox, conservative, and reform, as well as many alternatives. We also provide services for non-secular, interfaith, and non-denominational funerals.

Our licensed funeral directors carefully guide you through every step of the process so that you can select the ideal commemoration of your family member or friend. We take care of all the details, including respectful care for your loved one prior to the service, having a religious or non-religious officiator for the service, and making all of the arrangements with the cemetery.

Funeral Services Pallbearer 400 x 400
Funeral Service Performed Graveside

Funeral Services For All Faiths

We serve the funeral needs of people of all religions in our chapels and locations throughout the Philadelphia and Suburban communities.


Funeral Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Funerals, like people are unique. We understand that planning a pre-need or funeral service for a loved one who has passed can be one filled with emotional decisions and feelings of guilt. Our family of funeral directors can put you at ease by providing you with information about the different types of services.



A traditional service can be either a religious service, non-denominational, or interfaith service held in one of our Philadelphia or Bucks County chapels or at a place of your choosing. With more than 140 years of experience, we are familiar with the Jewish traditions of the Orthodox, Conservative, and Reformed. Lead by a funeral director and an officiant the service can include prayers, music, speeches from friends or family, a photo display, and other personal touches. The funeral will be followed by interment in a cemetery where the family has a plot.



A graveside service is when the entire service is held at the cemetery. The service is often lead by a religious leader and includes the prayers and traditions required by the family. Family and friends can eulogize or speak at the graveside service. As with all Goldsteins’ funeral services a director will be there to guide the process and ensure the family’s wishes are carried out. We can assist you in obtaining the necessary cemetery plots and coordinate directly with the cemetery.



Memorial services are selected when the family has chosen another form of burial such as cremation or out-of-state burial. A memorial service can include many of the same features as a funeral service with a religious or non-religious officiant, speakers reciting poems or stories about the deceased, photo boards, and special memories that can be shared with attendees. One of our funeral directors can discuss the best options for your loved one.

Hearing Loop for Deaf and Hard of Hearing in our Chapels

Improved Sound for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing in all Chapels

Several years ago we installed an induction loop system in all of our chapels for the deaf and hard of hearing. This Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant feature is an audio (induction) loop that allows people with hearing aids, cochlear implants, and those with hearing loss to get a clear sound because it filters out ambient noise and improves acoustics.

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