Memorial Services

Memorial services are held to remember a loved one who has chosen an alternative burial, such as cremation.


Many of the aspects of the memorial services are similar to a traditional funeral–speeches, prayers, and poems for memorial services are usually offered. This type of service can be held in one of our chapels in Philadelphia or Bucks County or another appropriate location. Memorial services are ideal for cremation when the funeral cannot be held at the time of death, or when the deceased has been buried in another state or country.


Families are encouraged to provide photo displays and share memories.


Our experienced funeral directors can provide you with a religious or non-religious officiant for your service, as well as handle all of the details associated with a memorial service.


Memorial services provide closure and a chance for family and friends to say goodbye. It is also useful for interfaith families to adhere to their traditions and faith.   Memorial services have a wide variety of options we have some original ideas to share here

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