Interfaith Funeral Services

As Jewish people marry others outside the faith, Goldsteins’ welcomes interfaith and non-religious funeral services.


Over the years more people of the Jewish faith marry those who are non-practicing or were born and raised as Christians or other religions around the world. Here at Goldsteins’, we understand that those in interfaith marriages often need guidance and assistance to plan their loved one’s funeral service. We have been helping interfaith families for many years to create funeral services that respect all religious beliefs.


Interfaith funeral guidance for families of interfaith beliefsĀ 


Our experienced funeral directors will provide appropriate clergy, understand the traditions and culture of your family, and work with you on a funeral service that is ideal for your loved one. Interfaith funeral services are not new to us, we provide services for people of multi-faiths and ethnic backgrounds throughout the Philadelphia area and suburbs. We have established relationships with area clergy to provide single or joint services depending on the family’s expectations. Remaining true to your faith and your spouse’s, especially as it relates to death and dying, is the pinnacle of respect and love.

Interfaith Funeral Services
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