Funeral Pre-Planning…

Ask anyone whose family member pre-planned a funeral and one thought comes to mind–it’s a gift or a blessing. The passing of a loved one is difficult, and the feelings of sadness, honor, and responsibility play a large part in the decision making process. Pre planning funerals allows your family to focus on healing and coming together without the added pressure of having to make the various decisions concerning funeral services and burial.


Pre-arrangement, also called pre-need, can be discussed at any age and plans can be easily amended as your preferences or circumstances change. Goldsteins’ provides you with all of the options and costs to allow you to carefully and thoughtfully make the decisions that are right for you. Contact us today to speak with a free pre-arrangement consultation.

Pre-planning a funeral can involve all of the following:

  • Free consultation with a professional funeral director
  • Choosing a memorial service
  • Selecting a casket
  • Preparing a document or letters that can be used as a guide for your wishes
  • Payment, which is placed in an irrevocable trust and eliminates the need for your family to pay at the time of the funeral
Goldsteins' pre-planning for funerals

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