30 Apr  

Laura Cross on White Sand Self Care

White Sand Self Care

Pre-planning with Laura Cross and Randi Goldstein Casey


Pre Planning

As part of a five-generation family in the funeral industry, Randi Goldstein-Casey serves as Vice President/Funeral Director of Goldsteins’ Rosenberg’s Funeral Directors (www.GoldsteinsFuneral.com). Goldsteins’ Rosenberg’s offers funeral services and cremation services. As a professional funeral director, Casey assists with planning a memorial service and funeral in a way that respects traditions and individual wishes. She walks a family through the process of making funeral arrangements for a loved one as well as counseling families through the process. Randi has seen many changes in the funeral industry with more interfaith marriages and growing requests for cremation. As a company, Goldsteins’ has had to make changes by offering services that facilitate these needs for clients. Today, Goldsteins’ focuses on assisting more people with funeral pre-arrangements. Families have communicated that pre-planning is truly a gift. Prior to becoming Funeral Director, she served as the Bereavement Facilitator, taking pride in helping families get through the very difficult time in their lives following the passing of a loved one. Social Links: www.GoldsteinsFuneral.com   / goldsteinsrosenbergsraphaelsacks     / goldsteinsfuneralhome     / about  


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