Information About COVID-19 & Funeral Services


Dear Valued Member of our Family & Community,


Please note some new policies in place for our chapels beginning April 28, 2021

  • The maximum number of attendees at any chapel funeral service is 75. (Cemeteries restrictions may vary, check with your funeral director)
  • Everyone entering the funeral home is required to wear masks
  • There will be one door for entry and one door for exiting.
  • Anyone attending the funeral is asked to wait in their car until invited into the chapel, this allows for us to properly disinfect the chapel between funerals.
  • There will be no receiving lines.
  • Family units must social distance themselves from other attendees.
  • We request that services be kept to 45 minutes for us to disinfect the chapel after each service.
  • Limousines will be provided with a maximum of 6 people.
  • Cemetery policies vary so please speak with your funeral director for specific information regarding graveside services.
  • In respect to our Orthodox families and mourning traditions, we are offering taharah and shomer services. Please speak with one of our directors regarding your specific needs.
  • We can also facilitate a Virtual Funeral Service either in one of our chapels or at graveside through a video application where the officiant and/or family can participate.
  • Mourners will receive Kriah ribbons and family members can pin themselves. We will supply mourners with memorial pamphlets or prayer books and kipot/veils at the funeral, which they may keep. We will also provide you guest books, shiva candles, and thank you cards for your use at home. Additionally, shiva equipment (folding chairs, prayer books, coat racks, shiva benches), is not being provided at this time.

Please note, all policies and procedures are subject to change. Thank you for your patience during this time and flexibility as we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation in our area and keep our customers and staff safe.

Grieving alone & together a guide for COVID-19

We recommend that you take the following preventative actions:

  • If you are sick or have been in close contact with someone who has been to a foreign country or has been sick, please stay home.
  • Limit the number of people who attend the shiva and ensure that everyone wears masks and practices social distancing. Condolences can also be sent via social media, text, or a phone call.
  • We highly recommend that the elderly and those with chronic illnesses avoid all funerals and shiva until which time the COVID-19 pandemic has passed.
  • Watch the funeral via our live stream application (if applicable) – the link can be provided by the family.
  • Avoid hugging, kissing, or even shaking hands with others.
  • Wear masks and employ “social distancing” in your everyday life.

Our intention is to provide you and your loved ones with the funeral services you require while managing to keep all of you safe. We have reviewed information from local and federal sources, including the CDC, The City of Philadelphia, and the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), and will continue to monitor the situation as changes arise.

From our family to yours, thank you for your business and understanding.

If you have questions or are unsure of any of the procedures, please call us at 215-927-5800 and we will be happy to discuss arrangements.

Goldsteins’ Rosenberg’s Raphael Sack’s, Inc.

To read an e-copy of the Guide for Grieving During COVID-19 Pandemic click below

This book written by Sara Murphy, Ph.D., CT is for anyone who lost someone during the COVID-19 pandemic or is looking to support someone who has. Knowing that is an extremely difficult time and funerals are not allowing large groups of family and friends to attend, people are feeling very alone. This guide will help you understand the grieving process and how it has changed.