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We have two beautifully adorned chapels, conveniently located in Philadelphia and Bucks County.

We offer Jewish funerals, with services from the three major beliefs of Judaism–orthodox, conservative and reform, as well as many alternatives.


Our licensed funeral directors carefully guide you through every step of the process so that you can select the ideal commemoration of your family member or friend.


We take care of all the details, including respectful care for your loved one prior to the service, having a religious or non-religious officiator for the service, and making all of the arrangements with the cemetery.

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We have two beautifully adorned chapels, conveniently located in Philadelphia and Bucks County.

Cremation Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Planning your cremation pre-need or a loved one’s cremation is as personal a journey and as unique as every life is lived. Whether you’re looking to plan your cremation before you pass, so that your children or spouse will have one less worry when you pass away, or if you have recently lost a loved one, and are looking to plan a cremation, Goldsteins Funeral Home provides cremation services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We can meet your family’s needs. There are many ways that families arrange cremation services. What are some of your options? 

  • Funeral Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with Viewing, Followed by Cremation.
  • Funeral Services with Urn, After Cremation Services.
  • No Funeral. Simple Cremation Services.

Goldsteins’ is a funeral home with 3 locations in the Philadelphia, NJ area that can help you plan your cremation in a way that honors your loved one’s wishes and memory. If you have recently lost a loved one, this can be one of the toughest times in your life. Goldsteins’ Funeral Home offers funeral services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and can be with you every step of the way.

What is Cremation? 

Cremation involves the process of using fire or heat to transform a body into ashes. After the body is transformed into ashes, the family may scatter the ashes in a place of significance to the loved one, may place the ashes in an urn and bury the ashes in a cemetery, or place the ashes in an urn in a place of the family’s choosing. Cremation as a funeral choice goes back to the Neolithic era, and has been practiced by the Persians, the Romans, and the Hindus, and also in modern times. Today, cremation is selected for many reasons. Some families want a simple and cost-effective funeral process. Some enjoy that cremation does not require a faith-based service. Others choose cremation and incorporate faith-based traditions. For example, cremation is sometimes used in Jewishfunerals and in Catholic funerals. Others want to scatter the remains of their loved ones in a place of significance, and cremation makes this possible.

Funeral Home in Philadelphia, PA

Goldsteins’ Funeral Home in Philadelphia, PA offers funeral services and cremation services. We can help you plan a memorial service and funeral that will help you remember your loved one, commemorate his or her life, and gather together with loved ones to say goodbye. There are as many ways to conduct funeral services as there are families and people. Some families bring in officiants or clergy to lead a service, while others choose to have family and friends each speak, sharing poems, readings, and memories. Some play music. Others eat together. Yet, others choose to sit together in quiet contemplation. Others might want to put together a collage of photos or create videos to remember a loved one who passed. Some families want flowers, others ask visitors to bring flowers, and yet others ask family and friends to donate to a charitable cause rather than provide flowers. Whatever your funeral needs, Goldsteins Funeral can assist you with cremation services and can help you with planning a meaningful funeral for your loved one.