Funeral Planning


As a local leader in funeral planning we have never lost sight of what we do best: celebrating life and passionately supporting the families we serve. To help make funeral planning easier for you and your family, we offer several cremation and burial packages that include a wide range of options and prices. These options allow you to spend more time personalizing the ceremony as you celebrate the life of the person you are honoring.

Goldsteins’ Funeral Home takes pride in helping families plan for funeral arrangements.

At Goldsteins’ Funeral Home, we illuminate paths to peace with personalized ceremonies and memorial tributes that beautifully honor your loved ones. Our services can help create something that’s very unique and personalized — and you may find that choosing one, or even a few of these, helps make your memories even more special. Explore our incredible range of customized services.  Contact us today so we can help you plan ahead.

Thinking ahead can help you make informed and thoughtful decisions about funeral arrangements. It allows you to choose the specific items you want and need, and compare the prices offere.  It also spares your survivors the stress of making these decisions under the pressure of time and strong emotions. You can make arrangements directly with a funeral establishment.

In the short time between the death and burial of a loved one, many family members find themselves rushing to buy a cemetery plot or grave — often without careful thought or a personal visit to the site. That’s why it’s in the family’s best interest to buy cemetery plots before you need them.

You may wish to make decisions about your arrangements in advance, but not pay for them in advance.

Put your preferences in writing, give copies to family members and your attorney, and keep a copy in a handy place. Don’t designate your preferences in your will, because a will often is not found or read until after the funeral. And avoid putting the only copy of your preferences in a safe deposit box. That’s because your family may have to make arrangements on a weekend or, before the box can be opened.


Veterans Funeral Planning


Our veterans’ families deserve nothing less than the very best in professional assistance – and we provide that at every turn to beautifully capture the memories of the departed. We also offer savings on caskets and services for veterans, and complimentary services for fallen heroes.

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