Frequently Asked Questions About Pre-Planning/ Pre-Arrangements

These helpful frequently asked questions may help. Contact us today to learn more about pre-planning.

How do I pay for pre-arranging a funeral?

You have a choice. You may pay at one time or you may choose a plan in which you pay over a specified period of time. There are no finance charges.

Why should I consider pre-arrangement for myself or a family member?

Many people plan ahead because there is no one else available to make responsible decisions. Others do it for peace of mind, knowing they’ve made their wishes known, thus easing the burden for their families. The sense of uncertainty is greatly reduced when arrangements are made early, with far less emotional turmoil. Pre-arrangement can also save you money. By pre-funding your arrangements now, you can lock in those funeral costs at today’s prices, sparing your loved ones the added cost of inflation later on. Call us for a free and confidential pre-arrangement consultation.

What happens to the money for the funeral I have pre-arranged?

The monies are placed in an irrevocable trust. Interest that accrues is used to offset any increase in cost due to future inflation; guaranteeing that there will be no increase in our costs of the pre-arranged funeral. Call us for a free and confidential pre-arrangement consultation.

Is this trust regulated by any government body?

It is regulated by the Pennsylvania State Board of Funeral Directors in compliance with the Future Interment Provision of the Funeral Directors’ Law in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In addition, all licensed nursing homes in the state now require funeral pre-arrangements for residents covered under its Medicaid benefits program.

Will there be any additional charges at the time of the funeral?

The only charges you may incur from Goldsteins’ would be if your heirs request additional services or merchandise not previously agreed upon in your pre-arrangement. The only other changes would be if there are any increases in the outside charges, which are out of our control, such as additional death certificates, posting of notices such as Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper obituaries, cremation, cemetery, etc.

What happens if I move to another state?

If you still want to have the funeral in the area then you don’t need to do anything. We will arrange with a funeral home in your new area to fly you back to the area and proceed with the pre-arranged plans you made. On the other hand, if you wish to remain in your new town we can refund your money or coordinate with a local funeral home to make certain the plans you made are carried out.

What if I change my mind about what I want?

Simply contact one of our funeral directors and we can take care of your revisions or additions.

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