Bereavement Group

You Are Not Alone:

If you have recently lost your spouse, join our widow & widowers bereavement support group as we share our thoughts and feelings in a professionally facilitated setting. This group is designed for those 60 years and older. Sponsored by Goldsteins’ Rosenberg’s-Raphael Sacks, the group will meet over 12 weeks supporting one another to help ease the pain.


Bereavement Counselor Rivka Powers, MSW
(formerly at KleinLife)


Monday: (held via zoom)
Time: 1:00 – 2:30pm (No cost to participate)

Wednesday: (held via zoom)
Time: 1:00 – 2:30pm (No cost to participate)


For start dates & to register:
Or call: 215-677-1600

(Registration is required)

Read more about our bereavement group and the people who have participated and have been able to find other to support them through their grief journey.

Bereavement Group Strength In Numbers

How Can a Bereavement Group Help You?

“I want to again tell you how truly GRATEFUL I am, and i know i speak for the group too,  in  thanking you for  your continued support of the group.  When one loses a spouse, a mother, father, etc. the sorrow and hurt does not end at the funeral’s conclusion. The grief and sorrow  continues  and as we say ” we will never get over our loss, but will try to get thru it”. That is so true of the purpose of the bereavement group. We are gathered to not only help ourselves, but to help and hold up, if need be, our fellow members,  I saw Bruce Goldstein yesterday and thanked him for the sponsorship also. So in conclusion i want to say…THANK YOU!”
Arthur Loev
“I am a recent widower and I am a member of the bereavement group that meets at Share Shamyim. I can’t express how appreciative I am for making this service available especially at no cost to us. When my wife passed I was a total basket case positive that life as I knew it was over. Rivka and fellow group members have not only helped me get through the horror of the moment but also to suggest steps to help me realize that while my world is different, life is not over. I’ve gotten a part-time job. I spend a great deal of time with children and grandchildren and I have confidence enough to put myself out on social media with some encouraging responses. I’d like think that eventually I could have gotten where I am by myself even though I have a ways to go. The process has only taken months instead of years thanks to you and Rivka.”
Thanks again,
Mike Nemeroff
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