30 Jun  

6 Summer Vacation Ideas for the Multi-Generational Family

When it comes to summer vacation ideas, it can be hard to please everyone in the family. It can be even more challenging when different generations are involved in the planning. However, a multi-generational family vacation can be a truly memorable way for your family to bond and spend time together outside the expectations of holiday gatherings.

Here are 6 kinds of family vacations that can offer something for everyone.

  1. A cruise

Cruises are designed for all-ages and can make for a diverse multigenerational family vacation. They’re all-inclusive with something for everyone to do all in one spot. Family members can branch off in their own cabins and do as little or as much of certain activities as they wish. Most cruise ships offer a mix of amenities such as water parks, swimming pools, adult-only events, kids’ clubs, and choice of restaurants. Your family can even choose to do separate events during the day and then come together for meals, shows, and onshore trips.

  1. Beach Vacation

Beach vacations provide a relaxing atmosphere for all generations, whether it’s walking on the beach, swimming, fishing, or enjoying the deck views during mealtimes. Be sure to pick a roomy place where everyone can have space to do their own thing but also come together as a group. You’ll want to check out any additional excursions in the area that could offer fun for the whole family, whether it’s a nature walk, whale watch or jet-skiing.

  1. All-Inclusive Resorts

Taking the extended family to a destination resort can deliver peace-of-mind when it comes to activities, rooms, and meals being all inclusive. Your family can enjoy most events without worrying about vacation costs ballooning. These resorts are often like cruises on land but can offer even more activities such as hiking, biking, and horseback riding.  Many resorts also have suites where families can all stay in one apartment.

  1. City Destinations

Most big cities have a diverse mix of activities that can likely appeal to all members of your family. Sit down together and review the attractions to create a vacation to-do list. This can include culinary, cultural, scientific, historical, and scenic adventures. You can often tour city destinations through such options as walking and biking or by trolley, bus, or Segway. Many of America’s historic cities are fun backdrops for multi-age family vacations.

  1. National Parks

Taking your family to a national park is a perfect way to see the grand nature of our country. Many parks have special outings and day trips to take advantage of as well as exploring them through your own itinerary. It’s also a perfect opportunity to experience wildlife together that you might never have seen before and learn about it through park rangers and naturalists. You can often enjoy unique shows in these preserved regions that express the rich history of the park, native people, and land.

  1. Bicycling Trips

If everyone in your extended family is in good health, a bicycle trip is a wonderful way to explore a new area together. Many regions offer guided bike tours that are kid-friendly and include bikes, as well as trailer cyclers for the littler ones. Bike trips also offer a chance for the whole family to enjoy exercise together and see the “back roads” at a slower pace versus driving.

Tips for planning your multi-generational vacation:

  1. Choose accommodations to fit everyone’s needs.
  2. Get everyone involved in the planning.
  3. Plan entertainment choices so that all ages can enjoy and participate.
  4. Share your packing lists so you’re not bringing unnecessary items.
  5. Be sure to plan for downtime as well as activities.
  6. Don’t make the vacation too long. Two-weeks is a good guide.
  7. Take older family members into consideration when it comes to pace and activities.
  8. Go over finances beforehand so everyone is clear on expectations.


To help make your own extended family getaway work better, it helps to choose destinations with plenty of options for everyone and decide in advance who’ll pay for what events. Whether cruising, exploring a city, or biking a national park, including everyone in the decision process can be fun and help you create a vacation your family will always cherish and remember.


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